Drag is a game type featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Players race against against each other along a straight course that is either a quarter or half-mile in length. The first participant to cross the finish line on their is declared the winner. The king of Drag events in Need for Speed: ProStreet is Karol Monroe.

Vehicles applied with a Drag blueprint are rated based on their power, traction and aerodynamics.

Tyre Heating

Each participant has the opportunity to pre-heat their tyres before a drag race. Players have to rev the engine of their vehicle and hit the optimal rpm range to spin their tyres. The optimal rpm range alters as the total amount of grip achieved increases.

The total amount of grip achieved is shown in the form of a bar on the player's HUD. Reaching 0 to 25% will achieve a Weak Burnout, reaching 25% to 49% will achieve a Good Burnout, reaching 50% to 99% will achieve an Incredible Burnout and reaching 100% will achieve Maximum Grip.


The amount of points awarded to the player is dependant on their performance during a race. The player's finishing position, tyre grip and completion time affect their total points accumulated.

Finishing in first place awards 4,500 points, finishing in second place awards 3,000 points, finishing in third place awards 1,500 points and finishing in fourth lace awards 750 points.

The amount of grip earning can also alter the amount of points they are awarded. Completing an event with Maximum Grip will award 500 points, Incredible Burnout will award between 500 to 50 points, a Good Burnout will award between 50 to 0 points and a Weak Burnout will not award any points.

Additional points is awarded based upon how much quicker the player's event time is in comparison to a set target time. The target time is based upon the performance of the previous record holder for the event and the organisation that is hosting the raceday.

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