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Drift is a game type featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Players race against up to seven other drivers along an enclosed course in stages. The participant with the highest score after the final heat will be declared the winner. The king of Drift events in Need for Speed: ProStreet is Aki Kimura.

Vehicles applied with a Drift blueprint are rated based on their power, control, and aerodynamics.


The amount of points awarded to the player is dependant on their performance during a race, namely the player's finishing position, drift score, and drifting ability.

Finishing in first place awards 4,500 points, finishing in second place awards 3,000 points, finishing in third place awards 1,500 points and finishing in fourth lace awards 750 points.

Performing a drift whilst using nitrous will award 100 points, performing a long drift will award 250 points, performing a high speed drift will award 250 points and staying on the track whilst combining drifts will award 200 points.

Additional points are awarded based upon the player's highest score after the final heat of the raceday event.