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Need for Speed: Rivals features various events throughout Redview County. Events can be entered as either a police officer for the Redview County Police Department or a racer. Each event has a bronze, silver and gold completion criteria.

Some events can be played as either faction but some are exclusive to vehicles of a single faction. Participating in a certain event type for one faction may coincide with another event for the alternative faction.

AllDrive allows players to join up together at any point during an event. Additional police units can provide support for pursuing RCPD vehicles whilst additional racers can create a greater opportunity for Speed Points.

Event Types

Head to Head

A racer challenges another racer within freeroam.

Hot Pursuit

Police units have to bust all the racers in the midst of a high-speed street race before they cross the finish line.


Police units must bust a single racer at the height of the wanted list before time runs out.


Multiple racers compete against each other to be the first across the finish line.

Rapid Response

The player must reach and assist a fellow RCPD officer before time runs out.

Time Trial

The player must reach the finish line before time runs out.