OverWatch is an external element of Need for Speed: Rivals. It was part of the Need for Speed Network and required an Origin account to access OverWatch.

The service was made available on November 19th, 2013 for PC, as well as iOS devices, and replaced the Autolog application on the iOS App Store. It was later made available for Android devices through Google Play on January 18, 2014. It was shut down for all platforms on March 15, 2018.

It could be accessed from any tablet or smartphone that is running either the Android or iOS operating system, and could also be accessed with a web browser via either the official Need for Speed website website or the Need for Speed Network website.


Players could use OverWatch to manipulate the gameplay session of any other player that is on their Autolog friends list. Participating in OverWatch would reward the player with Speed Points that contributed only towards their OverWatch rank.

A player using OverWatch could target any of their friends that were currently online and playing Need for Speed: Rivals. Targeting a friend would also highlight all other players that are currently participating within the same multiplayer session as that friend.

Each arrow shown would highlight a player that is either of the racer or police faction. Selecting an arrow and then confirming to target that player, would allow an OverWatch user to employ their abilities upon that player.


Need for Speed Rivals - Network Trailer-0

Need for Speed Rivals - Network Trailer-0

OverWatch Ranks were earned as players reached Speed Point milestones. These milestones could be met by using abilities against or to aid players and by completing missions.


OverWatch Challenges were unlocked as the player reached higher OverWatch Ranks. These challenges could be sequentially activated through OverWatch and listed in the player's Autolog Playlist.

Completing challenges reward the player with unique liveries and additional vehicles for both factions.

Need for Speed Network


NFSR OverWatch Fuel
OverWatch supplied the player with a set amount consumable points known as 'Fuel'. These points could be used to perform actions that directly altered the gameplay experience of a targeted player or send out the player's Network Driver on a mission.

Fuel could be resupplied by accepting an 'Extra Fuel' mission or by reaching a higher OverWatch rank. Reaching higher ranks would increase the player's total Fuel capacity by two points. The effectiveness of an ability could also be improved upon through continued usage.


The available abilities of the player expanded as they reached higher ranks within OverWatch. These abilities could be used to assist or hinder a targeted player through manipulating their vehicle as well as altering the presence of the RCPD.

Ability Description Fuel Reward
NitrousRefill or drain a player's nitrous bar.625 NFSRSPIcon
AmmoReplenish or reduce a player's current Pursuit Tech ammunition.840 NFSRSPIcon
RepairRepair or damage a player's current vehicle.1050 NFSRSPIcon
JammerJam a player's Pursuit Tech for a short period of time.1260 NFSRSPIcon
RoadblockPlace a roadblock.14160 NFSRSPIcon
HelicopterDeploy a Police Helicopter that can drop Spike Strips.16100 NFSRSPIcon


Various missions could be selected to earn Speed Points towards a player's OverWatch rank. These missions cost Fuel and would take a certain amount of time that is also highlighted.

Missions used the player's Network Driver - this driver could not be interacted with in any manner or form throughout the duration of a mission - and only a single mission could be initiated at one time, but another mission could be selected and accepted as soon as a previous mission concluded.

As the player progressed through OverWatch, new missions would appear. These missions cost more Fuel and possess a far greater time duration, although the rewarded Speed Points increased as well.

Mission Reward Cost
Extra Fuel
Send your Network Driver off to patrol Redview County and return with OverWatch Fuel.
25 NFSR OverWatch Fuel NFSR OverWatch Fuel
Jump Challenge
Send out your Network Driver to record the longest jump they can. The bigger the jump they record the more SP you will earn.
35-150 NFSRSPIcon 10 NFSR OverWatch Fuel
McLaren P1 on Driftwood Heights
RCPD are looking for a McLaren P1 that has been tearing up the coastline along Driftwood Heights. Send out your Network Driver to bring them in first.
55-150 NFSRSPIcon 12 NFSR OverWatch Fuel
SRT Viper on Fork Tongue Trail
An SRT Viper has been sinking its teeth into all challengers along Fork Tongue Trail. Send out your Network Driver to force them out from the rock they’re hiding under and make that Bust.
110-800 NFSRSPIcon 16 NFSR OverWatch Fuel
Drift Challenge
Send the Network Driver to record the longest drift they can, the bigger the drift the more SP you will earn.
250-900 NFSRSPIcon 35 NFSR OverWatch Fuel
Grand Peak Drive Race
The toughest challenge awaits your Network Driver in the Grand Peak Race, where its steep climbs, tight turns and instant drops will push them to their limit.
150-600 NFSRSPIcon 45 NFSR OverWatch Fuel
Destroy Speed Cameras
The Cop’s network of Speed Cameras track the Racers as they speed across Redview County. Blind the Cops and help the Racers by seeing how many your Network Driver can destroy.
200-500 NFSRSPIcon 30 NFSR OverWatch Fuel
Send out the Network Driver against the entire Redview County Police Dept. to see how long they can survive before they are Busted. The longer they stay out, the more SP you will earn.
850 NFSRSPIcon 40 NFSR OverWatch Fuel
Eastwood Rise Time Attack
Send your Network Driver into the tall Pines and Sequoias of Eastwood Rise to set the fastest run they can in a Time Attack.
210-900 NFSRSPIcon 15 NFSR OverWatch Fuel
Sun Valley Run Patrol
Patrol the Harsh desert environment of Sun Valley Run with your Network Driver where the fastest and most reckless Racers own the highways and see how many they can Bust.
325-1000 NFSRSPIcon 50 NFSR OverWatch Fuel
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