An OverWatch Challenge is a special event offered through the Autolog playlist in Need for Speed: Rivals.

Each event is unlocked as the player reaches higher ranks within OverWatch.

A challenge can be added to a player's playlist through the Need for Speed Network website. Selecting the playlist tab will queue up an available challenge with each being offered in sequential order.


# Event Distance Target Time Reward
1NFSRTimeAttackEventIcon[EASY]Redline8 Checkpoints3.2 mi03:12.00OverWatch Dazzle Camo Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
2NFSRRapidResponseEventIcon[EASY]Justice Served11 Checkpoints4.0 mi03:27.00OverWatch Euro Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
3NFSRTimeAttackEventIcon[EASY]Travelling Light10 Checkpoints3.5 mi03:20.00Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale & 500 NFSRSPIcon
4NFSRRapidResponseEventIcon[EASY]Tactical Response18 Checkpoints4.7 mi04:11.00OverWatch Discreet Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
5NFSRTimeAttackEventIcon[EASY]Speed Hunter12 Checkpoints4.2 mi03:28.00OverWatch Tourer Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
6NFSRRapidResponseEventIcon[EASY]Going Offensive12 Checkpoints3.7 mi03:41.00OverWatch Red Camo Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
7NFSRRapidResponseEventIcon[EASY]Light 'Em Up17 Checkpoints4.5 mi03:23.00OverWatch Blue Camo Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
8NFSRTimeAttackEventIcon[EASY]To The Limits6 Checkpoints2.9 mi02:02.00OverWatch Mask Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
9NFSRRapidResponseEventIcon[EASY]Blue Rush10 Checkpoints3.4 mi02:20.00Bentley Continental GT V8 & 500 NFSRSPIcon
10NFSRTimeAttackEventIcon[MED]Epic Ride10 Checkpoints4.8 mi03:30.00OverWatch Liberator Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
11NFSRRapidResponseEventIcon[EASY]Emergency Call16 Checkpoints6.7 mi04:28.00OverWatch Disguise Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
12NFSRTimeAttackEventIcon[MED]Unsung Hero11 Checkpoints4.9 mi03:11.00Bentley Continental GT V8 {ENF} & 500 NFSRSPIcon
13NFSRRapidResponseEventIcon[EASY]Unstoppable8 Checkpoints2.9 mi02:06.00OverWatch Continental Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
14NFSRTimeAttackEventIcon[MED]Push It9 Checkpoints6.3 mi03:03.00OverWatch Stealth Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
15NFSRRapidResponseEventIcon[EASY]Give It All10 Checkpoints2.4 mi01:53.00OverWatch Shock Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
16NFSRTimeAttackEventIcon[MED]Gear Shift10 Checkpoints4.8 mi02:43.00OverWatch Colour Splash Livery & 500 NFSRSPIcon
17NFSRRapidResponseEventIcon[EASY]Full Force17 Checkpoints4.9 mi03:44.00Bentley Continental GT V8 {UC} & 500 NFSRSPIcon
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