Stage 1 is the first series of events in The Run, a cross-country race and the career mode featured in Need for Speed: The Run. The player takes on the role of Jack Rourke, a former street racer, who is indebted to the mob. The game starts with Jack escaping from the mob in an Audi RS4, after being tied up in a car.

As he goes to San Francisco and takes part in the race to New York, Jack will start his first race in a Tier 4 car in San Francisco. Once he leaves the city, Jack will drive along Interstate 580 in Altamont Pass, CA, to reach the Yosemite National Park.

Downtown (San Francisco, CA)

Get to Nob Hill

The first sprint race to Nob Hill is 2.8 miles long. After 1.8 miles, the player will encounter two police vehicles, which will immediately chase the racers.

Get out of San Francisco

Just as the player reaches Nob Hill, two opponents namely a Challenger R/T will join the race. Sam will also call Jack, telling him to escape from San Francisco and continue driving to Las Vegas.

This sprint race event lasts 5.3 miles, passing through the Oakland Bay Bridge and ending on a huge ramp at the bridge. Before reaching the end of the event, players will run across a roadblock. The first shortcut is accessible after driving the first mile, and the second one at 5.5 miles.

Altamont Pass Rd (Altamont Pass, CA)

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Altamont Pass Rd is 6.1 miles long and is one of the easiest sprint events in The Run. It starts as a two-lane road, which is later connected to Interstate 580.

The player can find a shortcut at 4.4 miles and gain Position 195, when every rival was overtaken. Within the area, wind turbines can be found. Before the event starts, Sam will inform Jack that he has to reach Position 150 before he gets to Las Vegas.

Interstate 580 (Altamont Pass, CA)

Interstate 580 is the first Checkpoint event in The Run, lasting 7.4 miles. Players will be able to reach top speed in this event, as the highway mostly contains straights and sustained curves.

The first checkpoint is found at 6,1 miles, the second at 4.8 miles, the third at 2.8 miles, and the last one before the finish line at 1.4 miles.

Available Vehicles

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