Checkpoint Race is a single player game mode along an enclosed course featured in Need for Speed: Undercover.

To win, the player has to reach the finish line before time runs out. Additional time is awarded as the player passes checkpoints along the course between the start and finish location.

The available selection of checkpoint races depends on player's Wheelman Level. Achieving higher levels will unlock more events.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace Adder Shortcut Palm Harbor 7.4 mi 11.9 km
NFSUCIconMasterCheckpointRace East Fasulo Bridge Sunset Hills 8.3 mi 13.3 km
NFSUCIconMasterCheckpointRace East I-5 Sunset Hills 7.3 mi 11.7 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace East Ocean Expressway Palm Harbor 6.3 mi 10.2 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace Gold Coast to Canyon Hwy Sunset Hills 9.2 mi 14.8 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace Gold Coast to Peak Ridge Sunset Hills 6.3 mi 10.2 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace Harbor & Alena Palm Harbor 7.1 mi 11.4 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace I-10 Offramp Port Crescent 6.1 mi 9.8 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace I-10 to Gold Coast Interstate 10 6.5 mi 10.5 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace I-10 to Peak Ridge Interstate 10 6.1 mi 9.8 km
NFSUCIconMasterCheckpointRace North River Expressway Sunset Hills 9 mi 14.5 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace North Willow Sunset Hills 7.1 mi 11.5 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace Northbridge & Tunnel Sunset Hills 4.7 mi 7.5 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace Ocean & Gusa Palm Harbor 6 mi 9.7 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace Peak Ridge to Fasulo Sunset Hills 7.8 mi 12.6 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace River & Sheridan Sunset Hills 5.9 mi 9.5 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace River Expressway Offroad Sunset Hills 8.8 mi 14.2 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace Silverwood & Mountain Sunset Hills 7.7 mi 12.4 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace South Gord Sunset Hills 6.5 mi 10.4 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace South Memorial Tunnel Palm Harbor 5.4 mi 8.7 km
NFSUCIconMasterCheckpointRace Tri-City Run Port Crescent 18.7 mi 30.1 km
NFSUCIconCheckpointRace West Prime Ave Port Crescent 7.2 mi 11.6 km
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