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Circuit is a player versus player game mode along an enclosed course with a multitude of laps. The first racer to reach the finish line at the last lap is the winner.

The available selection of circuit courses depends on player's Wheelman Level. Achieving higher level will unlock more events.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSUCIconCircuit Cross Slope & Gusa Palm Harbor 5.5 mi 8.9 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Cross Slope Loop Palm Harbor 6.8 mi 10.9 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Diamond & Eastside Sunset Hills 10.6 mi 17.1 km
NFSUCIconCircuit East Malcolm Palm Harbor 5.5 mi 8.9 km
NFSUCIconCircuit East Valencia Hill Gold Coast Mountains 7.4 mi 11.9 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Eastside & Cross Sunset Hills 12.8 mi 20.6 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Eastside & Palm Sunset Hills 12.8 mi 20.6 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Hillside & Gord Sunset Hills 7.8 mi 12.6 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Hillside & River Sunset Hills 11.6 mi 18.7 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Hillside Blvd Loop Sunset Hills 14.1 mi 22.7 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Inlet Expressway Loop Port Crescent 8.5 mi 13.6 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Jackson & Veteran Palm Harbor 2.8 mi 4.5 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Malcolm & Francisco Palm Harbor 5.3 mi 8.6 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Ocean & Wilson Palm Harbor 2.6 mi 4.2 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Palm & Redland Sunset Hills 8.2 mi 13.2 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Peak Ridge Loop Gold Coast Mountains 7.4 mi 11.9 km
NFSUCIconMasterCircuit Pine Creek & Douglas Sunset Hills 8 mi 12.9 km
NFSUCIconCircuit South Blvd & Bank Port Crescent 9.9 mi 16 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Trevino & Morin Sunset Hills 6.4 mi 10.3 km
NFSUCIconCircuit Water & Cross Slope Palm Harbor 6.8 mi 10.9 km
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