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Outrun is a player versus player game mode between two racers featured in Need for Speed: Undercover. To win, the racer must stay in the lead for a specific amount of time.

The available selection of outrun events depends on player's Wheelman Level. Achieving higher levels will unlock more events.


Type Name Start Location Time Limit
NFSUCIconOutrun East Gold Coast Hwy Sunset Hills 1:00
NFSUCIconOutrun East Inlet Expressway Port Crescent 1:30
NFSUCIconOutrun Gold Coast Hwy Loop Sunset Hills 1:15
NFSUCIconOutrun Hillside Shortcut Sunset Hills 1:15
NFSUCIconOutrun Jackson & Ocean Palm Harbor 1:00
NFSUCIconOutrun Mountain to Hillside Sunset Hills 1:15
NFSUCIconOutrun North Inlet Expressway Port Crescent 1:30
NFSUCIconOutrun North Valencia Hill Gold Coast Mountains 1:15
NFSUCIconOutrun South Lawrence Palm Harbor 1:00
NFSUCIconOutrun Southeast Inlet Express Port Crescent 1:30
NFSUCIconOutrun West Freightyard Access Port Crescent 1:15
NFSUCIconOutrun West Ocean Express Palm Harbor 1:00
NFSUCIconOutrun West Stadium Palm Harbor 1:00
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