Trunk Audio is a Car Specialities customisation option in Need for Speed: Underground 2. It allows the player to customize the boot of their car with LCDs, subwoofers, speakers, amps, nitrous bottles, and neons.

There are multiple layouts available for each vehicle in-game. Each layout is unlocked differently with each offering different compositions and component slots.


Need for Speed: Underground 2 allows the player to select one of three boot layouts. The Custom Layout is the only part to feature large slots. Neon can be equipped with Custom Layout boots only. The appearance of the custom boot varies by car.

Name Price Visual Rating Unlock
Standard 100 0,15 Available from the beginning of the game
Tuned 300 0,30 Find the Car Specialties Shop in Beacon Hill
Custom 600 0,60 Find the Car Specialties Shop in Coal Harbor West

Slot Parts

Each slot of any boot layout can be customised with special parts. Small slot parts boost the star rating by 0.08, whilst medium parts increase it by 0.10. Large slot parts improve the visual rating by 0.12 stars.

Audio Amplifiers

  • Small Slot: 250W
  • Medium Slot: 500W
  • Large Slot: 1000W

LCD Screens

  • Small Slot: 5,5"
  • Medium Slot: 7"
  • Large Slot: 7" (dual)


  • Small Slot: 8"
  • Medium Slot: 10" or 12"
  • Large Slot: 15"


  • Small Slot (Bottles): 5lb
  • Medium Slot (Bottles): 10lb
  • Large Slot (Bottles): 20lb
  • Small Slot (Crossover): Small
  • Medium Slot (Crossover): Medium
  • Large Slot (Crossover): Large