NFSU2EventCircuitIcon 4 Player Versus

Circuit is a player versus player game mode along an enclosed course with a multitude of laps.

The available selection of Circuit courses depends on the player's current stage within the career mode. Completing an event will unlock it for selection within Quick Race.

The starting grid of all circuit races consists of three rival racers and the player. All participants have a chance to earn a 'Head Start' during the race countdown by hitting the optimal rev range upon the countdown finishing.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon 12th & Arbutus NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 4.51 mi 7.3 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Ambassador Ridge NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 2.32 mi 3.7 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Bayview Concrete NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 4.76 mi 7.7 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Bayview International NFSU2AirportIcon Bayview International Airport 4.56 mi 7.3 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Bayview Summit NFSU2JacksonHeightsIcon Jackson Heights 3.88 mi 6.2 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Bellavista NFSU2JacksonHeightsIcon Jackson Heights 4.87 mi 7.8 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Boxcar NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 3.26 mi 5.2 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Broad Street NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.26 mi 5.2 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon City Hall NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 1.66 mi 2.7 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Dockside NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 3.11 mi 5 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Freemont NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 0.98 mi 1.6 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Freeway East NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.87 mi 6.2 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Freeway West NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.63 mi 5.8 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Garibaldi Run NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 4.66 mi 7.5 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Grandview Station NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.63 mi 5.8 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Jackpot NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.29 mi 5.3 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Lower Eastside NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 1.97 mi 3.2 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Marine & 25th NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 3.22 mi 5.2 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Observatory NFSU2JacksonHeightsIcon Jackson Heights 1.95 mi 3.1 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Outer Ring NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.90 mi 6.3 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Palm Highway NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 3.24 mi 5.2 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Park Drive NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 2.46 mi 4 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Phoenix Steel NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 3.66 mi 5.9 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Providencia NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 1.16 mi 1.9 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Resort Loop NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 1.86 mi 3 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Scenic Ride NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 1.37 mi 2.2 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Shoreside NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 2.06 mi 3.3 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Smokestack NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 3.46 mi 5.6 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Switchback NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 1.77 mi 2.8 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon University Hill NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 4.09 mi 6.6 km
NFSU2EventCircuitIcon Woodbine Park NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.42 mi 5.5 km
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