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Outrun is a player versus player game mode between two cars that can be triggered whilst driving in free roam during career mode. Outrun is also featured as a game mode for split-screen multiplayer.

An Outrun event can be triggered by challenging a free roaming opponent to a duel. Opponents are shown as orange arrows on the mini-map. An opponent can be challenged by driving either beside or behind them, matching their current speed and pressing up on the d-pad upon being prompted.

The winner of an Outrun is the racer that overtakes their opponent and sustains a lead of at least 1,000ft (300m). Both racers can drive wherever they want as there's no determined route. If the player is overtaken by their opponent, an arrow that highlights the opponent will be displayed when the gap exceeds 180ft (55m).

Players are rewarded with 100 or 250 credits for winning an Outrun and completing a certain amount of outruns will unlock opportunities to win unique parts.


Stage 1

There are no unique rewards that can be unlocked from winning Outrun events within this stage.

Stage 2

  • Hoods - Win 4 Outrun events

Stage 3

Stage 4

  • Spoilers - Win 4 Outrun events
  • Vinyls - Win 6 Outrun events
  • Performance Upgrade (ECU, Turbo & Brakes) - Win 9 Outrun events

Stage 5

  • Performance Upgrade (Nitrous Oxide, Weight Reduction & Suspension) - Win 6 Outrun events
  • Wide Body Kits - Win 11 Outrun events


Development - Some content may have altered during development.
  • There are 10 preset start locations for multiplayer Outrun events, although not all of them are available for selection.[1]
  • In the PlayStation 2 demo, depending on opponent proximity, it is possible to start an Outrun race in free roam with up to three opponents.[2]