A Performance Shop in Fort Union.
"Hey, you're really kickin' it out there, nice job! If you wanna keep winning, you're gonna have to keep your ride on the cutting edge. These guys will help you just that. They're stacking premium parts and gear here, so check it out and see what will work for ya." - Rachel

Performance Shops in Need for Speed: Underground 2 allow the player to tune and upgrade their vehicle with performance parts.

They are thoroughly spread across Bayview City and easily found by players through blue street lights. On the minimap, Performance Shops are shown as blue dots.

Minimap showing all locations

All individual upgrades are included in Street, Pro and Extreme packages, with the latter featuring the most effective performance improvements. Unique parts are only obtainable through Outrun Races.

Megalow Parts offers the player a 20% discount for complete upgrade package purchases, although they do not sell Extreme level parts. It can be found in the Stadium district.


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