NFSU2Screenshot Dyno
The Performance Tuning/Dyno mode extends the performance customisation in Need for Speed: Underground 2 by offering the player the creation of tuning setups and measure vehicle performance statistics. It is accessible through any Performance Shop, the player's garage, and Customize mode.


The Dyno allows the player to measure 0 to 60 mph and 0 to 100 mph acceleration times, maximum power and torque output, as well as their top speed.

Performance Tuning

Players can select between up to seven setting categories and store a tuning setup for one of five event types:

Every setting category requires the player to install performance upgrades to the corresponding category. Changes to the aerodynamics of a vehicle require the installation of respective body modifications.

Part Settings
Suspension - Front/Rear Lowering Lower or higher front/rear ride height
Suspension - Front/Rear Springs Softer or harder ride
Suspension - Front/Rear Shocks Softer or harder ride
Suspension - Front/Rear Sway Bar Softer or harder cornering
Suspension - Steering Ratio Lower or higher steering sensitivity
Transmission - Gear Ratios Top speed and acceleration in relation to the maximum speed in each gear and the final drive ratio
Aerodynamics - Front/Rear Downforce Weaker or stronger front/rear downforce
Tires & Brakes - Front/Rear Tire Grip Weaker or stronger front/rear grip
Tires & Brakes - Brake Bias More brake power to the front or rear
ECU Maximum and minimum torque output in each rpm interval
Turbo Maximum and minimum torque output in each rpm interval
Nitrous More power and a shorter duration or less power and a longer duration

Test Run

Through the Test Run mode, players can test their tuning setups for each event type. For each event type, the HUD is expanded by additional information relevant to the event type:

  • Circuit - Best Lap, Current Gs, Maximum Gs
  • Drag - Burnout Distance, 0 to 60 mph time, Quarter Mile Time
  • Drift - Best Lap, Best Drift, Longest Drift in seconds
  • Street X - Best Lap, Current Gs, Maximum Gs
  • URL Race - Best Lap, Current Gs, Maximum Gs


  • Softer suspension setups allow a vehicle to slide more often. Stiffer setups improve grip by inducing more understeer.
  • Lowering a vehicle as low as possible and maximizing downforce grip on both sides can improve cornering significantly. Raising the vehicle height will increase stability along off road routes.
  • Longer nitrous duration settings are useful in longer race events.
  • Stronger front tyre grip results in more oversteer. Doing the opposite results in more understeer.
  • Acceleration-biased setups are useful in shorter race tracks and drift events, but top speed-biased setups are useful for drag events.


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