NFSU2EventSprintIcon 4 Player Versus

Sprint is a player versus player game mode along an enclosed course with the first racer to reach the finish line being the winner.

The available selection of Sprint courses depends on the player's current stage within the career mode. Completing an event will unlock it for selection within Quick Race.

The starting grid of all sprint races consists of three rival racers and the player. All participants have a chance to earn a 'Head Start' during the race countdown by hitting the optimal rev range upon the countdown finishing.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSU2EventSprintIcon 2nd & Bellevue NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 6.39 mi 10.3 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Bayview Plaza NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 2.75 mi 4.4 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Black Tusk NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 2.62 mi 4.2 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Blackcomb Way NFSU2JacksonHeightsIcon Jackson Heights 4.98 mi 8 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Broadway & Granville NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 4.17 mi 6.7 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Cypress Bowl NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 5.16 mi 8.3 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Domestic Arrivals NFSU2AirportIcon Bayview International Airport 3.38 mi 5.4 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Eagleridge Estates NFSU2JacksonHeightsIcon Jackson Heights 4.66 mi 7.5 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Grouse Grind NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.72 mi 6 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Marathon NFSU2JacksonHeightsIcon Jackson Heights 6.08 mi 9.8 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Palm Hill NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 3.68 mi 5.9 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Palomino & 16th NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 2.62 mi 4.2 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Port Authority NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 3.58 mi 5.8 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Rockridge Cross NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 3.41 mi 5.5 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Rollercoaster NFSU2JacksonHeightsIcon Jackson Heights 4.17 mi 6.7 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon South Junction NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.35 mi 5.4 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Tailgate NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 3.11 mi 5 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Terminal & 2nd NFSU2AirportIcon Bayview International Airport 2.78 mi 4.5 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon The Chief NFSU2BeaconHillIcon Beacon Hill 4.55 mi 7.3 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Upper Deck NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 4.95 mi 8 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Wall Center NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 2.42 mi 3.9 km
NFSU2EventSprintIcon Waste Management NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 3.82 mi 6.1 km
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