Street X
NFSU2EventStreetXIcon 4 Player Versus

Street X is a player versus player game mode along an enclosed course with a set number of laps.

The available selection of street X courses depends on the player's current stage within the career mode. Completing an event will unlock it for selection within Quick Race.

The starting grid of all street X races consist of three rival racers and the player. All participants have a chance to earn a 'Head Start' during the race countdown by hitting the optimal rev range upon the countdown finishing.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSU2EventStreetXIcon Industrial Park Track 1 NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 0.65 mi 1 km
NFSU2EventStreetXIcon Industrial Park Track 2 NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 0.30 mi 0.5 km
NFSU2EventStreetXIcon Industrial Park Track 3 NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 0.39 mi 0.6 km
NFSU2EventStreetXIcon Industrial Park Track 4 NFSU2CoalCoastIcon Coal Harbor 0.54 mi 0.9 km
NFSU2EventStreetXIcon Parkade Track 1 NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 0.51 mi 0.8 km
NFSU2EventStreetXIcon Parkade Track 2 NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 0.80 mi 1.3 km
NFSU2EventStreetXIcon Parkade Track 3 NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 0.55 mi 0.9 km
NFSU2EventStreetXIcon Parkade Track 4 NFSU2CityCoreIcon City Core 0.56 mi 0.9 km
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