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Need for Speed: Web Racing is an online-only conversion of Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit developed for web browsers by Gigawatt Studios, and made available in 2001 through a monthly $10 subscription service; EA Platinum, although a free demo was also offered.[1] [2]


The game is separated into two modes; Single Player and Multiplayer. Players can customise races with opponent skill level, laps, time of day, weather, and course direction.

Single Player

  • Time Trial - With no opponents, players set their best lap time for the online leader board.
  • One Opponent - Single race against one AI opponent.
  • Seven Opponents - Single race against a full grid of AI opponents.
  • Hot Pursuit - A competition between two racers against pursing police. Players also have the option to chose between playing as a racer or a cop.


In Multiplayer, players race in head-to-head competitions against up to 4 players.


11 selectable cars from the PC release of Need for Speed III were made available and grouped into three classes:


The courses from the PC release of Need for Speed III, as well as Rusty Springs from The Need for Speed, were made available.


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