Lowering Kits are purchaseable Aftermarket Parts in Need for Speed: World.

Players can choose between three stages and apply them to change the ride height of any vehicle.

Lowering Kits can be obtained in the Aftermarket Shop, Aftermarket Card Packs and Lucky Draws. They are included in several car trims as standard.

List of Lowering Kits

Icon Name Availability Price
NFSWLoweringKitStage1 Need for Speed
Stage 1
Aftermarket Store and Lucky Draw 002SpeedBoost2200
NFSWLoweringKitStage2 Need for Speed
Stage 2
Aftermarket Store and Lucky Draw 002SpeedBoost2400
NFSWLoweringKitStage3 Need for Speed
Stage 3
Aftermarket Store and Lucky Draw 002SpeedBoost2800


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