Art Director

NFS Classic cars are a series of vehicles with performance upgrades and special exterior customisation components. They are modified and altered based on their appearances in previous Need for Speed titles.


Model & Style Overall Rating Top Speed Rating Acceleration Rating Handling Rating Style Unique Attribute Price
NFSW Audi R8 Coupe FSI quattro Darius.jpg AudiSmallMain.png R8 4.2 FSI quattro
B Class  589 710 696 362 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost3700
NFSW Audi R8 42 FSI Quattro Shift.jpg AudiSmallMain.png R8 4.2 FSI quattro
B Class  589 710 696 362 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost3700
NFSW Audi R8 42 FSI quattro Cop.jpg AudiSmallMain.png R8 4.2 FSI quattro
B Class  591 713 698 362 Cop Style SpeedBoost3900
NFSW BMW M3 GTR E46 Most Wanted.jpg BMWSmallMain.png M3 GTR E46
Most Wanted
A Class  720 802 786 572 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost5900
NFSW BMW M3 E92 Grip King.jpg BMWSmallMain.png M3 E92
Grip King
B Class  563 716 705 268 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost3300
NFSW Chevroelt Corvette Z06 Cross.jpg ChevroletSmallMain.png Corvette Z06
A Class  653 722 813 425 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost4400
NFSW Ford Mustang Boss 302 2012 Drag King.jpg FordSmallMain.png Mustang Boss 302 '12
Drag King
A Class  749 721 878 649 Drag Style SpeedBoost5900
NFSW Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake The Run.jpg FordShelbySmallMain.png GT500 Super Snake
The Run
A Class  745 724 845 666 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost5000
NFSW Mazda RX-7 FD3S Battle Machine.jpg MazdaSmallMain.png RX-7 (FD3S)
Battle Machine
B Class  534 551 595 456 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost2900
NFSW Mazda RX-7 RZ Drift King.jpg MazdaSmallMain.png RX-7 RZ
Drift King
B Class  596 620 662 507 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost4800
NFSW Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Ryo.jpg MitsubishiSmallMain.png Lancer Evolution X
B Class  560 589 653 438 Art Director Variant Car Prize Pack
NFSW Nissan 350Z Z33 Underground 2.jpg NissanSmallMain.png 350Z (Z33)
Underground 2
C Class  499 598 623 277 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost2600
NFSW Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R34 Underground.jpg NissanSmallMain.png Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34)
B Class  538 606 682 326 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost2900
NFSW Porsche 911 GT3 RS 997 Seacrest County Police.jpg PorscheSmallMain.png 911 GT3 RS
Seacrest County Police
S Class  764 731 870 691 Cop Style SpeedBoost5600
NFSW Porsche 911 Turbo Rose.jpg PorscheSmallMain.png 911 Turbo
B Class  549 706 674 267 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost3200
NFSW Porsche Cayman S Shift.jpg PorscheSmallMain.png Cayman S
B Class  510 572 636 322 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost2400
NFSW Toyota Supra Shift.jpg ToyotaSmallMain.png Supra
B Class  548 602 680 363 Art Director Variant SpeedBoost3100
NFSW Volkswagen Scirocco Zack.jpg VWSmallMain.png Scirocco
C Class  417 495 525 232 Art Director Variant Car Prize Pack


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