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The Soundtrack of Need for Speed: World was composed by Mick Gordon, but also reused the Pursuit soundtrack of Need for Speed: Undercover.


Free Roam

Song Artist Length
"Sexi" Mick Gordon 4:06
"Static" Mick Gordon 3:16


Song Artist Length
"Kustomize" Mick Gordon 3:20
"Race 1" 4:50
"Race 2" 3:43
"Street Racin'" Mick Gordon 3:01
"That's How We Go" Mick Gordon 3:04
"The Streets" Mick Gordon 3:55


Song Artist Length
"Headbanger" Gigante Music Boutique 0:43
"Extreme" Gigante Music Boutique 0:49

Pursuit & Team Escape

Song Artist Length
"A Manner of Speed" Paul Haslinger 2:09
"By Any Means" Paul Haslinger 1:52
"Buying Time" Paul Haslinger 1:33
"Friction" Paul Haslinger 1:55
"Man & Machine" Paul Haslinger 3:45
"Powers Up!" Paul Haslinger 1:52
"Zero Sum" Paul Haslinger 2:39


Song Artist Length Usage
"Castellated Nut" (Remixed) Junkie XL 2:52 Mitsubishi Eclipse "Elite"


Song Artist Length Usage
"Blondes Are The Bomb" Tim Winn 2:57 Overlook Meeting Place (Valentine's Day)
"Cover Girl" James Hannigan 1:40 Golf Course (Winter Wonderland)


Song Artist Length Usage
"Post Race" Mick Gordon 0:24 Post-Race Statistics
"Start Screen" Boom Jinx & Trifonic 2:41 Start Screen
"Safehouse" Mick Gordon 4:11 Safehouse
"The World Online" Mick Gordon 3:24 Promotional Trailers