WorldSprintIcon 2 - 6 Racers
Player vs. Player

Sprint is a player versus player game mode along an enclosed course with a set start and finish point. Sprint courses are either Class restricted or Open.

Players are capable of entering a Sprint event in either a Singleplayer or Multiplayer circumstance. Players are also capable of creating Private Matches that allow them to invite other players on their friends list or from the freeroam environment.

  • Singleplayer
    The player is placed against seven other rival drivers that are AI controlled. They will only drive basic vehicles from a Class that is competitive with the player's vehicle.
  • Multiplayer
    The player is pitted against other players of similar Driver Levels. Rival players are determined using a Matchmaking system.
  • Private Match
    The player can invite other players to an event of their choosing. Only invited players can join a Private Match.


All players are put into a pre-game lobby that allows them to view the performance statistics of each and every other players' vehicle. The lobby has a 1 minute and 15 second delay timer before starting the race event.

Starting Grid

The start of the event has all players placed into a starting grid at the start line of the Sprint course. At this point players can attempt to perform a "Perfect Start" by hitting the optimal rev range of their vehicle's engine at soon as the countdown timer finishes. The optimal rev range can be expanded by equipping a "Redline" Skill Mod to a vehicle.

Players that hit this rev range at the right time will receive a limited duration nitrous boost. The duration as well as the force of this boost is determined by the "Headstart" and "Super Shot" Skill Mods.


The course that each Sprint event follows is marked out on the player's minimap as a bright blue highlight of a road. The route is also marked out with blue walls with moving arrows that point the direction in which the course is heading.

The distance a player has travelled along the course for an event is shown in the top right of the player's HUD as a percentage amount.

Players can utilise the abilities of several power-ups during the duration the Sprint event. Each power-up has a special attribute that can help aid a player pursue victory and repel the advances of other players.


Players are awarded Cash and Rep at the end of the event. The amount of each won by the player depends on their performance in the race, finishing position, power-up usage and racing style.

Players will win significantly less Cash and Rep in Singleplayer events then they would in a multiplayer event. Singleplayer events also restrict the player to only receiving basic Lucky Draw cards upon completion instead of any Gold, Silver or Bronze Lucky Draw cards.

NFSWGoldCardPack Gold Lucky Draw
Multiplayer - Complete the event in 1st position.
NFSWSilverCardPack Silver Lucky Draw
Multiplayer - Complete the event in 2nd position.
NFSWBronzeCardPack Bronze Lucky Draw
Multiplayer - Complete the event in 3rd position.
NFSWLuckyDrawCardPack Lucky Draw
Multiplayer - Complete the event.
Singleplayer - Complete the event in any position.


There are several Sprint events found in the Palmont City and Rockport areas but available events are altered every week.

Class Name Start Location Length
CarClassOpen Agostini Avenue Fortuna Heights, Fortuna 4.37 mi  (7.04 km)
CarClassA Beacon & Station Masterson Harbour, Camden 3.44 mi  (5.53 km)
CarClassD Blackwell Bridge Starlight Strip, Silverton 4.48 mi  (7.21 km)
CarClassA Boundary & Marina Downtown Rosewood, Rosewood 4.97 mi  (8 km)
CarClassOpen Bristol & Bayshore Gray Point, Camden 3.73 mi  (6 km)
CarClassS Bristol & Diamond Gray Point, Camden 3.11 mi  (5 km)
CarClassC Camden & Route 55 Gray Point, Camden 7.67 mi  (12.35 km)
CarClassOpen Chinatown Delivery Historic Chinatown, Downtown Palmont 2.84 mi  (4.57 km)
CarClassD Chinatown Tram Historic Chinatown, Downtown Palmont 5.06 mi  (8.14 km)
CarClassC Clubhouse & Hollis Rosewood College Campus, Rosewood 3.73 mi  (6 km)
CarClassOpen Construction Route Mason District, Downtown Palmont 2.76 mi  (4.44 km)
CarClassS Diamond & Union Downtown Rosewood, Rosewood 3.5 mi  (5.64 km)
CarClassB Dover & Lepus Morgan Beach, Kempton 3.49 mi  (5.62 km)
CarClassC Eagle Drive Infinity Park, Silverton 3.54 mi  (5.69 km)
CarClassOpen Ghostwood Petersburg, Rosewood 6.77 mi  (10.9 km)
CarClassOpen Heritage & Campus Petersburg, Rosewood 3.11 mi  (5.01 km)
CarClassS Heritage & Diamond Petersburg, Rosewood 6.21 mi  (10 km)
CarClassOpen Highway 99 & State Highlander Stadium, Rosewood 4.97 mi  (8 km)
CarClassOpen Home for the Holidays Downtown Rockport, Downtown Rockport 9.42 mi  (15.16 km)
CarClassOpen Ironhorse & Coast Gray Point, Camden 6.25 mi  (10.06 km)
CarClassOpen Lincoln Boulevard Mason District, Downtown Palmont 3.08 mi  (4.95 km)
CarClassOpen Lion's Challenge Downtown Rockport, Downtown Rockport 5.36 mi  (8.63 km)
CarClassOpen Lyons & Highway 201 Downtown Rockport, Downtown Rockport 4.85 mi  (7.81 km)
CarClassOpen Mason Street Billings District, Downtown Palmont 4.41 mi  (7.1 km)
CarClassD Mission Street Newport Industrial Park, Kempton 3.52 mi  (5.67 km)
CarClassOpen North Bay & Harbour Heritage Heights, Rosewood 3.11 mi  (5 km)
CarClassE North Bellezza Hillsborough, Fortuna 3.72 mi  (5.99 km)
CarClassOpen Old Quarter Old Quarter, Downtown Palmont 3.31 mi  (5.32 km)
CarClassOpen Petersburg Dam Kempton Holdings, Kempton 3.71 mi  (5.97 km)
CarClassS Riverfront & Green Riverfront, Downtown Rockport 8.02 mi  (12.9 km)
CarClassC Rockridge & Union Petersburg, Rosewood 5.14 mi  (8.27 km)
CarClassB Rosewood & Lyons Rosewood College Campus, Rosewood 4.97 mi  (8 km)
CarClassOpen Seaside Interchange Agostini Heights, Downtown Rockport ? mi  (? km)
CarClassE Silverton Way Starlight Strip, Silverton 4.23 mi  (6.81 km)
CarClassOpen Spade Street Shady Pines, Silverton 3.29 mi  (5.29 km)
CarClassE Stadium & Chase Highlander Stadium, Rosewood 4.35 mi  (7 km)
CarClassS Stadium & Highway 99 Highlander Stadium, Rosewood 4.94 mi  (7.95 km)
CarClassC Starlight Street Canmor Downs, Silverton 4.28 mi  (6.89 km)
CarClassD State & Warrent Point Camden, Camden 4.35 mi  (7 km)
CarClassA Station & Fisher Downtown Rosewood, Rosewood 3.73 mi  (6 km)
CarClassOpen Union & Hollis Downtown Rosewood, Rosewood 5.59 mi  (9 km)
CarClassOpen Valley & State Rockport Valley Airport, Downtown Rockport 6.49 mi  (10.45 km)
CarClassOpen Verona Tunnel Ocean View, Fortuna 3.36 mi  (5.4 km)
CarClassD Waterfront Road The Projects, Kempton 2.75 mi  (4.42 km)
CarClassOpen Welcome to Palmont Historic Chinatown, Downtown Palmont 3.15 mi  (5.07 km)
CarClassB West Park & Forest Rockport Valley Airport, Downtown Rockport 8.4 mi  (13.52 km)
CarClassA West Park & Lyons Rockport Valley Airport, Downtown Rockport 3.29 mi  (5.3 km)
CarClassE York Road South Fortuna, Fortuna 3.8 mi  (6.12 km)
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