Treasure Hunters in Need for Speed: World are a series of vehicles designed for the Treasure Hunt gamemode. Players can purchase them for SpeedBoost or obtain them as gifts from a Top-Up.

The series was first introduced on August 16th, 2011 with the release of the Porsche Cayman S 'Treasure Hunter'. The first Treasure Hunter style of vehicle was released over a month after Treasure Hunt was added with a patch on June 28th, 2011.

Each Treasure Hunter has a distinct black and green colour scheme as well as several aftermarket modifications. These modifications include green coloured aftermarket wheels, a special license plate, a green neon lighting kit and a distinctive bodykit.

All Treasure Hunters are equipped with a unique sixth slot skill mod. This skill mod is known as Treasure Hunter and makes it possible for the player to see all of the gems in a area without having to use a proximity meter.


NFSWSafehouseChangeCarIcon TierIcon NFSW TopSpeedIcon2 AccelIcon2 HandlingIcon2 NFSWSafehouseVisualCustomisationIcon NFSWSafehouseCarGearIcon NFSWSafehouseCarSellIcon
NFSW BMW M1 Procar 1979 Treasure Hunter BMWSmallMain M1 Procar (1979)
Treasure Hunter
Car class a  745 728 881 627 TreasureHunterEditionIcon2 TreasureHunterWorldIcon SpeedBoost25600
NFSW Cadillac CTS-V Treasure Hunter CadillacSmallMain CTS-V
Treasure Hunter
Car class a  600 609 642 549 TreasureHunterEditionIcon2 TreasureHunterWorldIcon SpeedBoost24500
NFSW Jaguar XKR MD67 JaguarSmallMain XKR
MD 67
Car class a  718 722 827 606 TreasureHunterEditionIcon2 TreasureHunterWorldIcon SpeedBoost25000
NFSW Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Treasure Hunter LamborghiniSmallMain Murciélago LP 640
Treasure Hunter
Car class a  714 726 816 601 TreasureHunterEditionIcon2 TreasureHunterWorldIcon SpeedBoost25100
NFSW Lexus IS300 Treasure Hunter LexusSmallMain IS300
Treasure Hunter
Car class b  557 606 419 527 TreasureHunterEditionIcon2 TreasureHunterWorldIcon SpeedBoost22000
NFSW Marussia B2 Treasure Hunter MarussiaSmallMain B2
Treasure Hunter
Car class a  737 725 866 621 TreasureHunterEditionIcon2 TreasureHunterWorldIcon SpeedBoost27200
NFSW Porsche Cayman S Treasure Hunter PorscheSmallMain Cayman S
Treasure Hunter
Car class d  358 336 512 227 TreasureHunterEditionIcon2 TreasureHunterWorldIcon SpeedBoost22600


  • The Jaguar XKR 'MD 67' style Treasure Hunter was released as a tribute to Need for Speed: World's Line Producer - Marc De Vellis.


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