"Free" Parts in Need for Speed (2015) are collectable locations dotted around Ventura Bay. There are a total of 24 "Free" Parts locations across Ventura Bay.

"Free" Part locations are highlighted by an icon representing the front silhouette of a car. This icon will appear on the player's minimap and above a Ford F-150 that is carrying a covered "free" item in its cargo bay.


Driving near a truck carrying a "Free" Part will trigger a prompt to collect the Free Part from the truck. Pressing the button highlighted by the prompt will reward the player with a car part that can be collected from their garage inbox.

Collected "Free" Parts will appear with a green tick icon next to their collectable icon above their location, and will be shown on the player's phone map. It will also remove the part from the truck's cargo bay.

Free Parts

Title Location Part
"Free" Part #1 Buck Foothills View, Crescent Mountains Clutch w/ 0.1s gear change time
"Free" Part #2 East Esplanade Old Industrial, Royal Park Drop In Filter
"Free" Part #3 Arcadia, Royal Park Aftermarket Fuel Pump
"Free" Part #4 Castle Hill Falls, El Rey Fully Adjustable Brakes
"Free" Part #5 VB Petrochemical Plant, South Port EL Manifold
"Free" Part #6 San Pedro Transfer, South Port Decatted Race Exhaust
"Free" Part #7 Sinner's Peak, El Rey Fully Adjustable Handbrake
"Free" Part #8 Morphus, Franklin Terrace Aftermarket Camshaft Elite.4 243int/283 exh
"Free" Part #9 Harbor View Mall, Franklin Terrace Elite Tuning Ported Block v.2
"Free" Part #10 Cross Roads, Burnwood Intercooler w/h 31 x 8
"Free" Part #11 Shoreline Front, Burnwood Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V1-TUNER
"Free" Part #12 Weid Canyon, Crescent Mountains Time Refill Nitrous 5lb Capacity
"Free" Part #13 Esplanade Church, Royal Park Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) - Large Stock Fenders
"Free" Part #14 VB Petrochemical Plant, South Port Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) - Intake Light
"Free" Part #15 Ekeya, Burnwood Volvo 242 (1975) - Intake Light
"Free" Part #16 Morphus, Franklin Terrace Ford Mustang (1965) - Street Style Fender Mirror
"Free" Part #17 Apollo Heights, Franklin Terrace Lotus Exige S (2006) - Carbon Deflectors
"Free" Part #18 Granite Spring, Crescent Mountains Lotus Exige S (2006) - Intake Light
"Free" Part #19 Lone Palm Village Mall, Royal Park Honda Civic Type-R (2000) - Race Style Fender Type I
"Free" Part #20 Weid Canyon Dam, Crescent Mountains Honda Civic Type-R (2000) - Street Style Fender Mirror
"Free" Part #21 Esplanade Church, Royal Park Dodge Challenger SRT8 (2014) - Street Style Wide Fender
"Free" Part #22 Navy Pier, South Port Honda Civic Type-R (2000) - Race Style Sideskirt
"Free" Part #23 Shoreline Front, Burnwood Dodge Challenger SRT8 (2014) - Race Style Sideskirt
"Free" Part #24 Interstate 5, El Rey Volvo 242 (1975) - Street Style Wide Fender
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