Collectables in Need for Speed (2015) are a total of 145 items, locations, and tasks scattered across Ventura Bay. Collecting these items counts towards the player's game completion.

Urbex Spots

Urbex Spots require the player to reach a unique urban artwork and capture an image of the area. There are 10 Urbex Spots in Ventura Bay.

Donut Spots

Donut Spots require the player to perform a donut stunt within a square defined by four flares. There are 30 Donut Spots in Ventura Bay, and they can not be completed using a front-wheel drive car.

Vista Spots

Vista Spots require the player to reach a photographic opportunity and capture an image of the area. There are 30 Vista Spots in Ventura Bay.

"Free" Parts

"Free" Parts are car parts that can be equipped to a player's car upon being discovered and collected from a pickup truck. There are 24 "Free" Part locations in Ventura Bay, and each collected part can only be claimed once.

Cars Beaten

Cars Beaten is a set of tasks that require a player to beat each of the vehicles featured in Need for Speed (2015) through Spontaneous Events.
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