Daily Challenges featured in Need for Speed (2015) are a set of three objectives with each having their own specific goal. A list of three daily challenges is given to all players with a new set being given each day at 13:00 (UTC).

Completing a daily challenge will reward a wrap decal, Rep, and an additional rank towards their Monthly Rank. The amount rewarded by each challenge varies between 5,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon to 20,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon, but will not reward greater than +1 RANK.

Completing all three daily challenges will reward the player with between 15,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon to 30,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon.

Before the SpeedLists update, completing a daily challenge would also reward the player with NFS2015EventCreditsIcon5,000 to NFS2015EventCreditsIcon7,500 and completing all three for a day would reward either a performance part, an aftermarket visual part, ingame cash, a wrap decal, or a pre-set wrap for a particular car.


Type Challenge
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon A Fine Escape
Escape a Pursuit with a fine of a certain amount or greater
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon A Fine Escape
Get a certain amount fine by Cost to State or speeding
NFS2015SCrewStoryIcon Beat A Friend
Beat a certain number of Autolog recommendations
NFS2015SCrewStoryIcon Challenger
Challenge and win a number of spontaneous events against a human player
NFS2015SCrewStoryIcon Crew
Complete a number of events in a crew
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon Close Chaser
Escape a Pursuit after nearly getting busted a number of times
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon Dangerous Driving
Near Miss a certain number of vehicles in a Pursuit
NFS2015UEddieDailyIcon Eastsiders Crew
Earn REP by performing a certain driving action a number of times
NFS2015SCarIcon Event Owner
Earn a certain amount of REP whilst participating in certain event types.
NFS2015StyleStoryIcon Frequent Flyer
Get a certain total duration of Airtime
NFS2015SCarIcon Focused Reputation
Earn REP by a specific driving action a number of times
NFS2015UndergroundDailyIcon Going Underground
Complete a number of events
NFS2015BuildStoryIcon Gold Digger
Earn a total amount of cash in Events
NFS2015SpeedStoryIcon King of the Road
Complete a certain number of events
NFS2015BuildStoryIcon Modded Challenger
Win a number of spontaneous events with at least 10 custom parts
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon Out Of Time
Escape a Pursuit in less than a certain duration
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon Pursuit King
Start a number of Pursuits by performing a certain diving action in front of a police vehicle
NFS2015UMWDailyIcon R U The Most Wanted?
Reach a NFS2015EventCreditsIcon1,000 total fine by performing certain driving actions during a Pursuit.
NFS2015SpeedStoryIcon Race King
Win a specific event
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon Renegade
Escape a total number of Pursuits
NFS2015StyleStoryIcon Rep King
Earn a certain amount of reputation from events
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon Roadblock Smash
Smash through a total number of roadblocks during Pursuits
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon Roadblocked
Escape a Pursuit that lasts more than a certain duration
NFS2015StyleStoryIcon Road Runner
Win a certain number of events within a specific event type in a row
NFS2015StyleStoryIcon Sliding Out
Drift a certain distance in a single slide
NFS2015StyleStoryIcon Smooth Style
Drift at least a certain total distance
NFS2015SpeedStoryIcon Speed Racer
Win an event using a specific car
NFS2015SCrewStoryIcon Strong Signature
Earn a certain amount of crew reputation
NFS2015StyleStoryIcon Stylish Drifter
Drift at least a certain total distance with a specific car
NFS2015OutlawStoryIcon Traffic Pinball
Hit a number of cop or traffic cars above a certain speed
NFS2015SpeedStoryIcon Unbreakable
Win a number of events without crashing
NFS2015BuildStoryIcon Underdog
Win a number of events with a car producing below a certain horsepower rating
NFS2015StyleStoryIcon Untouchable
Win a number of events without hitting anything