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The Hot Rods Update, also known as update 4, is a content update and patch released on March 3, 2016 for console releases of Need for Speed (2015), and later for the PC release on March 30, 2016.

The update was teased on February 24, 2016 following an accidental tweet on the official Electronic Arts UK Twitter account. The tweet included an image highlighting an extensively customised 1932 Ford, and a message teasing an upcoming update.

Things are about to get "hot" - More details tomorrow #NeedforSpeed
— @electronicarts[1]

A forth coming Under the Hood article was teased on February 29th, 2016 via the official Need for Speed Facebook account[2].

Additional information was released by the Spanish Need for Speed Facebook account highlighting cars, additional garage slots, drag racing, and manual transmission would be added as part of the update, but their post was removed shortly after its publication.

The fifth Under the Hood segment was published on the official Need for Speed website on March 1, 2016.[3]

The segment highlights the addition of the 1932 Ford, and the BeckKustoms F132 to the car list. Other additions include a manual transmission option, five drag racing events, an additional five car slots, wrap editor improvements, Snapshot Pro improvements, and various gameplay tweaks.



  • Three new Trophies & Achievements
    • Drag Queen – Win five Drag Race events
    • Wrap It Up – Download a shared Wrap
    • Kustom Kar – Buy your first Hot Rod



  • Visual customisation parts for the Ford Model 18
    • Four bodykits
    • Various hoods, lights, grilles, exhaust, bumpers, and more


  • New drag racing event type including five events.
    • Drag the Town
    • Neck to Neck
    • Pedal to the Metal
    • Speed Tunnel
    • The Perfect Shifts


  • More campaigns for Rep / Cash and Discounts
  • A variety of tweaks and improvements including gameplay, world, and audio
  • Multiple stability fixes


  • The Virtual Warehouse offers an additional five car slots

Snapshot Pro

  • Improvements to the Snapshot Pro mode

Wrap Editor

  • Wrap Editor improvements
    • Coordinates system for decal placement
    • Text Decals 2.0 - Selectable font and text input
    • Applied decal animation
    • Selected decal animation
    • Increased speed for action information prompt
  • Rust decals