The Icons Update, also known as Update 1, is a content update and patch released on November 25t 2015 for console releases of Need for Speed (2015), and was included with the PC release on March 15, 2016.

The update was first teased in the first Under the Hood segment published on the official Need for Speed website on November 13, 2015.[1] The segment highlights feedback Ghost Games received from various players including fans and media reviews of the game.



  • Three new Trophies & Achievements.
    • Iconoclast - Win events driving Ken's and Morohoshi's cars.
    • Fanboi - Put Ken's or Morohoshi's car in your garage.
    • Mental Unblock - Get a 350,000 Drift Score in Mental Block with Ken's car.



  • First look at neons equipped to Morohoshi-san's Lamborghini Diablo SV.
  • Thirty new pre-set wraps, and added names to previous pre-set wraps.


  • More balanced ‘AI Catch Up’.
  • Mirroring functionality for wrap editor.
  • Improved colour picker with Colour Picker 2.0 including pre-set colours, recent materials, pre-set materials, and numerical values.
  • Reputation level cap increase from 50 to 60.
  • New Daily Challenges with a reduced focus on Outlaw challenges.
  • Community Events consisting of three types; Bonus Cash, Discounts, and Bonus REP.
  • General bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements.


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