Missions in Need for Speed (2015) are a series of story progressing events given to the player by characters they meet in Ventura Bay. Completing missions can unlock additional performance parts as well as progress the player through their career.

New missions are prompted to the player with an icon of a white exclamation mark within a red circle, and will appear if a new mission is available.


The player is introduced to Driving Icon progression missions upon completing the first three prologue missions. Additional missions are unlocked as the player completes already unlocked missions, increases their Reputation Level, and participates in events across Ventura Bay.

Story Missions

Driving icon missions are highlighted with a coloured reputation icon within a circle to indicate which story thread they belong to. The player may be given missions from various characters as they progress through their career, but specific missions are always highlighted with the same colour on the phone, on the map, and mission specific event start locations.


Speed Missions are highlighted with a green speed icon. They will test the player's ability to reach, control, and maintain a high rate of speed to impress the Speed Icon - Magnus Walker.


Style Missions are highlighted with a yellow style icon. They will test the player's ability to perform stunts, their car control, and driving ability to impress the Style Icon - Ken Block.


Build Missions are highlighted with a purple build icon. They will test the player's ability to build, tune, and perfect their car to impress the Build Icon - Akira Nakai (アキラ中井).


Crew Missions are highlighted with a blue crew icon. They will test the player's ability to ride with a crew, drive within a team, and cooperate towards the perfect run to impress the Crew Icon - Risky Devil.


Outlaw Missions are highlighted with a red outlaw icon. They will test the player's ability to drive aggressively, vandalise property, and evade the police to impress the Outlaw Icon - Shinichi Morohoshi (モロホシ真一).


The player will be contacted by Robyn to participate in two special events once they complete all driving icon story missions.

Side Missions

Eddie's Challenge

Eddie's Challenge missions are highlighted by a grey circle and an orange eagle head.

They will test the player's racing abilities in order for them to challenge Eddie, Need for Speed: Underground's main antagonist. They become accessible once the players reaches reputation level 25.

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