The Prologue of Need for Speed (2015) introduces the player to Ventura Bay, and the crew of drivers looking to impress their Driving Icons, through a series of missions.

The opening sees the player racing through the streets of Ventura Bay in a Ford Mustang Foxbody (1990) against a BMW M3 Evolution II E30 (1988), but the race is quickly disbanded as a VCPD cruiser attempts to engage the racers in a pursuit.

The player hides under the cover of Interstate 5 to evade the police, but is quickly noticed by Spike for their impressive driving and is invited to a party at the club.

Contact Objective Reward
NFS2015PhoneBlahIcon bl@h
Meet Spike at the Club

Arriving at the club, the player moves through the crowd slowly spotting the various driving icons hanging out with their associates at the club. They meet up with Spike and Robyn before being taken to the garage to meet Amy, and eventually getting face to face with Travis.

Travis offers the player a choice of three starter cars; a Honda Civic Type-R (2000), a Ford Mustang Foxbody (1990), or a Subaru BRZ Premium (2014), in exchange for a small amount of cash. After choosing their starter car, the player is invited by Spike to meet the rest of the crew.

Contact Objective Reward
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House Calls
Race against Spike and Amy

Spike and Amy lead the player to Emanuel's bunker in South Port, where they meet Emanuel, who says he prefers the nickname Manu, and are reintroduced to Robyn. After being introduced to the remainder of the crew, they head out and race to the diner.

Contact Objective Reward
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Diner Dash
Last one there pays!

The crew arrives at the diner in Royal Park and the conversation quickly turns towards each of their projects towards impressing a driving icon. The discussion continues as Spike tries to finish his coffee as quick as he can, and get back to making his mark on Magnus Walker.

As the player leaves the diner, they are called by Amy and asked to meet up with her at the garage in Burnwood.

Contact Objective Reward
NFS2015PhoneContactAmy Amy
#4 NFS2015BuildMissionIcon
Meet Amy at the Garage

Returning to the garage, Amy greets the player from under her project car followed by a walk around her means of impressing Nakai-san. After being told the one rule of the garage, the player is given free reign to customise their cars.

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