Pursuit is a singleplayer game mode featured in Need for Speed (2015).

The Ventura Bay Police Department (VBPD) will engage in pursuits with anyone committing a driving offence by prompting them to stop their vehicle and pay up their fine. Players can trigger a pursuit in and outside of race events by speeding by or ramming a stationary unit.

The player's fine will be automatically increased for destroying property and resisting an arrest for a longer time duration. After reaching a fine higher than NFS2015EventCreditsIcon500, the VBPD will be forced to utilise more aggressive pursuit tactics against the player.


Heat Levels

The level of engagement by the police is dependent on the current Heat Level of the pursuit, which increases with a higher fine. Subsequently, the player will be put against more police vehicles and encounter road blockades;

FlameHeatLevelIcon Fine Engagement
1 NFS2015FineIcon500 Minimal engagement
2 NFS2015FineIcon1,500 Very low engagement
3 NFS2015FineIcon5,000 Low engagement with infrequent rate of roadblocks
4 NFS2015FineIcon11,000 Normal engagement with normal rate of roadblocks
5 NFS2015FineIcon17,000 High engagement with frequent rate of roadblocks and spike strips


Losing visual contact with a VBPD unit will allow the player to temporarily escape from them. To end the pursuit completely, the player must not be detected again within the duration of the cooldown stage, which becomes longer the higher the heat level of the pursuit is.


Becoming arrested by the VBPD will make it impossible for the player to evade their fine any longer, although they will be always let go on the spot after paying the fine.


Players receive additional Reputation Points and their fine paid out for evading the police.



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