Speedlists in Need for Speed (2015) are a series of competitive multiplayer tournaments grouped together under different playlist titles. They that can be accessed through the Need for Speed Network menu, but not until after the player has completing all prologue missions.

Each Speedlist is made up of five events that players compete in to earn SpeedPoints towards a group tournament standing. Achieving a higher position at the end of an event will reward a player with more SpeedPoints towards their standing in the current Speedlist.

Earning SpeedPoints also contributes towards a player's multiplayer rank.


There are four different competitive multiplayer Speedlists with each offering a specific series of events.


Joins any Speed, Style or Mixed Speedlist that has an open player slot.


A total of five events made up of circuit and sprint events.


A total of five events made up of drift contest and touge events.


A total of five events made up of various racing and drift events.


Players will earn SpeedPoints towards their standing within a Speedlist if they complete an event. The total amount of SpeedPoints a player has earned during a Speedlist are tallied, and compared to other players in the same Speedlist once the final event has been completed.

Speedlist Awards

Once a Speedlist has ended, a cinematic panning across a podium of those positioned in 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place is shown. The cars used by all other participating players are arranged in the background of the podium.

A breakdown of the final Speedlist Standings is also shown once the cinematic is complete. It will show a list of all players, their position within the Speedlist, the amount of SpeedPoints they have earning across all five events, their multiplayer rank, and their rewards for completing the Speedlist.

Position Rewards
1st NFS2015CreditsIcon40,000 NFS2015RepSmallIcon60,000
2nd NFS2015CreditsIcon30,000 NFS2015RepSmallIcon50,000 +25 Bonus SpeedPoints
3rd NFS2015CreditsIcon20,000 NFS2015RepSmallIcon30,000
4th NFS2015CreditsIcon16,000 NFS2015RepSmallIcon20,000
5th NFS2015CreditsIcon15,000 NFS2015RepSmallIcon10,000
6th NFS2015CreditsIcon12,000 NFS2015RepSmallIcon5,000
7th NFS2015CreditsIcon10,000 NFS2015RepSmallIcon4,000


A player may choose to enter their garage during a current Speedlist, but this will forfeit their ability to participate in a Speedlist event to allow them time to modify their car. They may rejoin in the next available event with any modifications they have performed to their car.

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