Time Attack in Need for Speed (2015) is a racer versus racer lap time event type along a route set out with checkpoints. The participant with the fastest lap time around the set route, once the event time has run out, is the winner.


Event Rating Rep Rewards Distance Time
 Baby Steps (Medium)  NFS2015CreditsIcon3,500 12,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon  8.44 mi  (13.58 km)  9 Checkpoints 3:00
 Cross-Town Hustle (Hard)  NFS2015CreditsIcon8,000 19,500NFS2015RepSmallIcon  9.49 mi  (15.27 km)  10 Checkpoints 3:00
 Once You Go Fast (Medium) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 12  NFS2015CreditsIcon3,500 12,000NFS2015RepSmallIcon  4.82 mi  (7.76 km)  8 Checkpoints 3:00
 Peak Performance (Hard) NFS2015RepSmallIcon LVL 41  NFS2015CreditsIcon8,000 19,500NFS2015RepSmallIcon  6.88 mi  (11.07 km)  10 Checkpoints 3:00
 Rapid Racer (Hard)  NFS2015CreditsIcon8,000 19,500NFS2015RepSmallIcon  8.56 mi  (13.78 km)  9 Checkpoints 3:00
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