Tuning in Need for Speed (2015) allows players to alter the driving experience of their cars between a default, grip, and drift set-up.

Tuning Options

Tyre Pressure

The air pressure of the front and rear tyres can be altered to offer certain handling styles.

Steering Response

A faster steering response will result in twitchier and more reactive handling suited for drifting, whilst a slower and steadier response will result in greater control.

Steering Range

A wider steering range allows for a greater drift angle, but a narrower range will reduce lateral slip and alleviate oversteer.

Braking Drift Assist

Engaging the braking drift assist will initiate a drift whilst braking, and disengaging it will reduce the possibility of performing a drift whilst braking.

Drift Stability Assist

Engaging the drift stability assist will make it easier to maintain and control drifts. Disengaging it will revoke all stability control.

Launch Control

Engaging launch control will stabilise the car when taking off by reducing the amount of fish tailing and wheel spin. Disengaging launch control will revoke all stability control.


A locked differential will spin wheels on either side of the car at the same rate, and encourage drifting. An open differential will allow individual wheels to spin at different rates to each other, and allow for more controlled turning.


Decreased downforce will reduce stability and give a looser driving style, but increased downforce will improve cornering stability and increase traction.

Brake Strength

Stronger brakes can make it easier to lock up wheels and produce a slip.

Braking Bias

Adjusting the the brake bias will alter the braking behaviour of the car, and can encourage the rear to slip.

Tyre Traction

Fitting tyres with differing amounts of traction can encourage a drift with reduced rear traction or increasing grip by fitting high traction tyres.

Handbrake Strength

Increasing or decreasing handbrake strength can make it easier to initiate a drift chain at the expense of momentum.

Spring Stiffness

Manipulating the spring stiffness can affect the dive and squat of a car resulting in greater suspension movement.

Sway Bars

Increasing and decreasing the stiffness of the sway bars can manipulate the amount of body roll experienced by a car during cornering.


Alter the potency of a car's nitrous supply to provide greater power but reduced duration or increased duration for less power.

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