Vista Spots in Need for Speed (2015) are collectable locations dotted around Ventura Bay. There is a total of 30 Vista Spots breaking down into five locations within each district.

Vista Spots are highlighted by an icon representing a single-lens reflex camera. This icon will appear on the player's minimap and above a Vista Spot's location.

Driving near a Vista Spot will trigger a prompt to capture an image of the location. Pressing the button highlighted by the prompt will capture a snapshot of the location and may include the player's car in the image.

Captured Vista Spots will appear with a green tick icon next to their collectable icon above their location, and will be shown on the player's phone map.

Vista Spots

Title Location
Apollo Heights Apollo Heights, Franklin Terrace
Arcadia Park Arcadia Park, Royal Park
BBA Industries BBA Industries, Franklin Terrace
Beckenholl View Ekeya, Burnwood
Bishop Rock Hills Sinner's Peak, El Rey
Castle Hill Water Treatment Plant Castle Hill, El Rey
Crescent Mountain View Crescent Mountains Bridge, Crescent Mountains
Cross Roads View Interstate 5 Intersection, Burnwood
East Esplanade Old Industrial East Esplanade Old Industrial, Royal Park
El Rey Pier El Rey Pier, El Rey
Franklin Terrace View Interstate 6 Intersection, Franklin Terrace
Ghost Stadium Millennium Plaza, Royal Park
Granite Springs Monument Granite Spring Monument, Crescent Mountains
Granite Springs View Weid Canyon, Crescent Mountains
Harbor View Mall Harbor View Mall, Franklin Terrace
Lone Palm Village Crossings Lone Palm Village, Royal Park
Millennium Bridge Millennium Plaza, Royal Park
Morphus Morphus, Franklin Terrace
Navy Pier 1235 Pier G, South Port
San Pedro Docks San Pedro Transfer, South Port
Shoreline Front Bay Cross Roads, Burnwood
Sinner's Peak Observatory Sinner's Peak Observatory, El Rey
South Port Bridge Manches Crest, South Port
VB Petrochemical Plant VB Petrochemical Plant, South Port
Ventura Bay Art Centre Ventura Bay Art Centre, South Port
Ventura Bay Ocean View Sinner's Peak, El Rey
Ventura Bay Skyline Los Sol Bridge, Burnwood
Ventura Downtown Beckenroll, Burnwood
Weid Canyon Dam Weid Canyon Dam, Crescent Mountains
Weid Canyon River Weid Canyon, Crescent Mountains
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