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Crew Members can be recruited in Need for Speed Carbon: Own The City to the join the player's crew with up to five total members. They are distinguished by role and speciality, which grants the player various bonuses.

During the career, the player is introduced to Sara and Carter, and demonstrate the various roles that crew members function during events. Crew members can be used in every career mode and Quick Race event, but they are not available in some certain races and Lap Knockout events.

At the beginning, when the player first chooses their car and forms their crew, they can only have one wingman of their choice. As the player progresses throughout the career, and more crew members become available, they can select two wingmen in certain events.



A role is highlights a crew members abilities and function within events.

  • Brawler - Take out a targeted opponent vehicle by ramming or forcing them to stop. Only one rival can be blocked at a time.
  • Drafter - Produces a slipstream that the player can drive behind to gain speed.
  • Assassin - Take out a targeted opponent vehicle by deploying a spike strip in front of them.


A specialty associated with a crew member provides a bonus to the player's crew.

  • Fixer - Additional rewards for events that the player participates in.
  • Mechanic - Improved vehicle performance during events that the player participates in.


Name Role Specialty Car Unlock
CarterBrawler - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IXUnlocked from the beginning.
DylanDrafter - Chevrolet Cobalt SSUnlocked from the beginning.
MarcusBrawlerFixerNissan 240SXDefeat Marcus.
KitaAssassin - Volkswagen Golf GTIDefeat Marcus.
CrunchBrawler - Chevrolet Cobalt SSDefeat Striker & Berserkers Crew.
ArjenDrafterMechanicMazda Mazdaspeed3Defeat Striker & Berserkers Crew.
SlyDrafter - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IXDefeat Sly.
JuiceAssassinMechanicNissan 240SXDefeat Poorboy & Eastsiders Crew.
WestBrawler - Mazda Mazdaspeed3Defeat Poorboy & Eastsiders Crew.
Layla 1Assassin - Mazda RX-8Defeat Syrens Crew.
Layla 2DrafterFixerToyota MR2Defeat Syrens Crew.
SteveAssassin - 1967 Ford MustangDefeat Steve.
BucksterBrawler - Nissan 350ZDefeat Steve.
PipDrafter - Nissan Skyline GT-RDefeat Buddy & Megas Crew.
TurtleBrawlerMechanicMazda RX-8Defeat Buddy & Megas Crew.
DaemonAssassinFixerNissan 350ZDefeat MK & The Corps Crew.
JennaDrafter - Mazda RX-7Defeat MK & The Corps Crew.
ClutchAssassin - Chevrolet Corvette Z06Defeat Clutch.


  • Unlike in Need for Speed: Carbon, the player will lose an event if a crew member wins.
  • During the first chapter of the career, players are restricted to using Carter (or Kita) as their only crew member.
  • Brawlers are less effective if they are unable to keep pace with the player.
  • All crew member cars can only be visually altered.
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