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Cheat Codes in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit can be activated by typing the code whilst on any main menu of the PC release or by entering the code as a username for the PlayStation release, with a few exceptions.

Codes can be used to unlock cars, tracks, and alter gameplay.


In the PC release, cheat codes can be typed on any main menu to activate.

Early Unlocks

Unlock Code
Unlock all cars allcars
Empire City empire
El Niño elnino
Jaguar XJR-15 jag
Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR merc
Pursuit Diablo SV dcop
Pursuit El Niño ecop

Secret Cars

Traffic cars can be unlocked upon activating their respective cheat codes.

Image Car Cheat Code
NFSIII PC Traffic Audi 100.jpg Audi 100 quattro go16
NFSIII PC Traffic BMW 5.jpg BMW 5 Series (E34) go04
NFSIII PC Traffic Chevrolet C20.jpg Chevrolet C20 (Gen. 1) go10
NFSIII PC Traffic Chevrolet Caprice.jpg Chevrolet Caprice (Gen. 3) go13
NFSIII PC Traffic Eagle Talon.jpg Eagle Talon (Police) go18
NFSIII PC Traffic Ford Crown Victoria.jpg Ford Crown Victoria (Police) go17
NFSIII PC Traffic Ford Falcon Cop.jpg Ford EL Falcon (Police) go19
NFSIII PC Traffic Ford Mustang.jpg Ford Mustang Convertible go09
NFSIII PC Traffic GMC School Bus.jpg GMC B-Series School Bus go12
NFSIII PC Traffic Jeep Grand Cherokee.jpg Jeep Grand Cherokee go07
NFSIII PC Traffic Land Rover Discovery.jpg Land Rover Discovery go11
NFSIII PC Traffic Land Rover Discovery Cop.jpg Land Rover Discovery (Police) go20
NFSIII PC Traffic Mazda Miata.jpg Mazda MX-5 (NA) go01
NFSIII PC Traffic Mercedes SL 500.jpg Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (R129) go00 or testdrive
NFSIII PC Traffic Mercedes Unimog.jpg Mercedes-Benz Unimog go03 or go21
NFSIII PC Traffic Ford F-150.jpg Pickup Truck go06
NFSIII PC Traffic Plymouth HEMI 'Cuda.jpg Plymouth HEMI 'Cuda go05
NFSIII PC Traffic Toyota Land Cruiser.jpg Toyota Land Cruiser go02
NFSIII PC Traffic Chevrolet G30.jpg Truck go14
NFSIII PC Traffic Van.jpg Van go08
NFSIII PC Traffic Volvo 850.jpg Volvo 850 go15


Effect Code
Increased Traffic rushhour
Harder AI madland
Enables police speech in races bullhorn
Automatic gears becomes as effective as manual monkey


In the PlayStation release, enabled a cheat code will disable the save game function, preventing players from saving their game with content unlocked using a cheat code.

Early Unlocks

Unlock Code
Unlock all cars and Empire City course spoilt
Empire City mcityz
El Niño rocket
Jaguar XJR-15 1jagx
Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR amgmrc

Secret Courses

Image Course Code
NFSIIIHPAutocross.jpg Autocross xcntry
NFSIIIHPCaverns.jpg Caverns xcav8
NFSIIIHPScorpio7.jpg Scorpio-7 gldfsh
NFSIIIHPSpaceRace.jpg Space Race mnbeam
NFSIIIHPTheRoom.jpg The Room playtm


These codes have to be entered right before the loading screen, with the exception of the new cameras code, that is entered as the username.

Effect Code
New camera views; Shotgun 2 & 3, Circle, Rear, and Chase seeall
25% horsepower increase Left + Square + Circle
Horn makes opponents flip Start + Select + R1 + L2
Slow Motion Up + X + Triangle
Increase car weight Select + Square + X
Cops speak in a different accent Up + R1 + L2
Cops speak in German Up + R2 + L1
Cops speak in Spanish Down + R2 + L1
Cops speak in Italian Left + R2 + L1
Cops speak in French Right + R2 + L1