Community Policy

The Community Policy of the Need for Speed Fandom include a series of simplified guides and rules proposed by administrators that have been put in place to provide a stable frame of desired user etiquette, content creation, content organisation, and community engagement.

The Need for Speed Fandom is an unofficial encyclopedia written by fans of the Need for Speed franchise meaning no guideline or policy is set in stone, and can be altered by admins if required or desired by community consensus. Some guidelines or policies may be expanded upon if a circumstance occurs that is not already highlighted.

Prior to February 4, 2019, the Need for Speed Fandom was previously known as the Need for Speed Wiki.


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Wondering what we're trying to achieve? Here's a few articles that should help:
  • About - The Need for Speed Fandom's mission statement.
  • How Can You Help? - Want to help but don't know where to start?
  • What This Wiki Isn't - What the Need for Speed Fandom should and shouldn't be used for.
  • Projects - See our to-do lists and suggest some new lists.


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Everyone can edit, but positively contributing should be every user's intent:
  • Staff - Find out how your local admins are or how to apply for roles.
  • Rules - What will not be tolerated on this Fandom.


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We've got a few ways of doing things to make sure we maintain a useful level of quality for readers:
  • Manual of Style - Find out how our articles are put together and how we do things.


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New to Fandom? Here's a few articles by Fandom on using their network:
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