Good Faith

The Need for Speed Wiki follows the fundamental Wikia principle that anyone editing does so to aid in the development of the project, and not impede the work of others.

Users are encouraged to edit to help built upon the Need for Speed Wiki project, and also help others whom are contributing to the project as well.

Assuming good faith does not dismiss any form of discussion or criticism with regards to an edit or an article, and in turn does not immediately highlight any form of discussion or criticism upon an edit as a form of malice or personal attack against a user.

Users should consider an editors intentions and should not simply remove their contribution. Edits not up to the standard of the wiki should be either tentatively altered or be accompanied by a stub. Assuming good faith means that these edits are intended to improve the wiki, and not hinder it.


Doubt cast upon the good faith of an edit should be perceived as good faith when possible. Users should remain civil in such cases, although if an edit requires discussion it should be moved to an appropriate forum, and not take precedence within any form of "edit war" with the article or by personally attacking users. The conflict of user contributions should be resolved through the highlighted means before making any form of "final edit" on the article.

Bad Faith

Bad faith is considered when a user knowingly vandalises a page, edits to purposely contradict the Manual of Style for a given article, explicitly edits as a form of personal attack against a user or creating articles for the sake of placing their flag as the creator of it.

Bad faith edits, such as these, should be reported to an admin or sysop. Users may alternatively undo the edit and highlight it as bad faith as part of the edit summary.

Misspelled words, bad grammar, and non-English languages are not considered with bad faith, but prolonged problems should be constructively highlighted to the user. Disregard for any constructive feedback with these aspects may be considered bad faith.

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