New Users

New users are always welcome to the Need for Speed Wiki, and while a wiki format may be unusual to many that wish to contribute, the overall design has easy usability as a major target.

Be Bold!

Be bold with your editing if you're new and hesitant about contributing. The strength and quality of this wiki can only improve by the contribution of members that add what they know about the series, and in turn those that assist others in crafting content that readers will want to delve deeper into.

As no-one "owns" any articles or what is written, it's alright for new users to jump in and add their knowledge to improve an article, but be sure to read up on our editing guidelines and our manual of style!


New users are encouraged to create a Wikia account to gain additional editing options including adding images and following articles. On top of added editing options, registered users can edit their own personalised userpage and use sandboxes for off-article editing.

Continued Editing

A valued user is an editor that not only contributes to the wiki, but can also follow guidelines and policies as well as being willing to learn. Users are encouraged to try editing different types of articles across the spectrum of the Need for Speed series, but the decision is always up to each user.

Mission Statement

You're here because you want to add to our growing encyclopedia of content, and that's fantastic! We're striving for completeness - we're pushing to cover all aspects of Need for Speed to as much detail as possible.

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