The Rules of the Need for Speed Fandom are set out by admins to govern the wiki, maintain order within it, and prevent registered users from reducing the quality of the wiki or degrade its community.

Outlined rules are not meant to catch users out or discourage users from felling as though they are not free to edit, but are in place to guide and point the community in a positive direction. Users breaking rules will be made aware of their actions through their message wall.

Users are not expected to be perfect, or by any means pristine with their editing, but users found to be breaking rules or undermine the content, quality, and functionality of the wiki through vandalism and/or disruptive editing will be temporarily or indefinitely blocked.


Rules are subject to change as they can be amended or altered by admins at any time.


Copyright Infringement

Some content such as watermarked images, music, leaked files, modding methods, and re-purposing of other's content is not permitted. Such content is not allowed as it pushes the wiki towards using content produced by other fan sites rather than the games we are fans of.



Vandalism is categorised under any form of addition, deletion, alteration, rearranging or disruption to an article that compromises the quality of the wiki. Such edits are performed in "bad faith" and should not be associated with "good faith" edits.


Personal attacks of any form; against a user, group of users or an aspect users identify as, is not condoned or permitted, nor is any form of intimidating behaviour or cross-wiki pestering tolerated. This is to maintain a positive atmosphere to ensure constructive contributions and co-operative editing.


Mature language is discouraged in both comments, user page messages, and forum posts as many Need for Speed titles appeal to a younger audience. Some titles do feature brief usages of mature language and many titles highlight aggressive driving, but the majority of titles are rated for a younger age of play.


Spam including, but not limited to, advertising or linking to external websites is not permitted on articles or comments.

User Account

Inappropriate Username

Usernames that violate any other policy, highlight the person as someone they are not, are used as a form of confusion between themselves or another user or portray as being a third-party representative or organisation is not permitted.

Sock Puppetry

One user, one account. Users creating multiple accounts for any reason, including using multiple IP address, is not permitted and considered as "Sock Puppetry". Any block will continue towards any additional accounts and will also invoke a lengthier block against the original account.


Blocks apply equally to all users, regardless of their individual status, and are issued to disruptive users to encourage a productive and forward-moving editing environment for other users. Blocks can last for a differing amount of time depending on the actions of the user that has been blocked.

While this page highlights reasons for issuing blocks, any violations to the Fandom's Community Guidelines or their Terms of Use will also result in a user being blocked.


Users may be blocked from editing an article, commenting, blogging or replying in the forum, but their message wall will remain editable by them for the means of posting an appeal.

Blocks that have been issued lasting longer than 3 days can be appealed by a user through editing their own message wall. Appeals should be considered by the sysop or administrator that issued the block to that user.

Abusing a message wall whilst blocked will revoke any appeal, and can result in a blocked user losing the ability to edit their own message wall.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.