What This Wiki Isn't

The Need for Speed Wiki is an encyclopedia based on the Need for Speed series, and as such is aimed at highlighting content found within the games.

This wiki is not a means for users to solidify fan fiction, a place to advertise trainers or cheating, a news site, a place for establishing speculative content, for trouble shooting technical support, a social media platform or any other wikia network wiki.

  • Articles - Canon content featured within a game, film or other form of media.
    • Article Comments - Used for constructive critique of an article.
  • Blog Posts - Individual blog posts can be created by users for opinion based or fanon (non-canon) content.
  • Forum - A section devoted for discussion of the Need for Speed series.
    • News & Announcements - News articles or announcements regarding the Need for Speed series.
    • Need for Speed - Wiki Articles - Discussion of article specific content or article criteria or wiki wide content.
    • Need for Speed - General Wiki Discussion - Discussion of wiki wide content.
    • User Introduction - Users can use this section to introduce themselves.
    • Need for Speed - Series Discussion - Open discussion for aspects of the Need for Speed games.
    • Off Topic - Non-Need for Speed discussion section.
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