The Nissan Skyline RS-X Turbo C (R30) is a sports coupé based on Nissan's sixth-generation Skyline model. 

Following a redesign in 1981, the sixth-generation Skyline emerged with the Skyline RS model, a performance trim powered by a 2-litre straight-4 FJ20 engine.

While initially offered in a naturally aspirated configuration, in 1983 it was fitted with a turbocharger and became the Skyline Turbo RS, featuring a redesigned front end that gave it the nickname "Tekkamen" meaning "Iron Mask."

In 1984, the Skyline RS-X Turbo C was introduced with the addition of an intercooler for the turbocharger, which boosted performance through the extra cooling and gave it a recognisable small air intake to the front splitter.


Over Drivin' Skyline Memorial

The KDR30 appears in Nissan Presents: Over Drivin' Skyline Memorial, a localised Japan release of Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed, for PlayStation.


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