Track Nordschleife
Track type Race
Location Europe
Length 12.86 miles
Corners to master 37
Sector 1 1–13
Sector 2 14–32
Sector 3 33–37
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The Nordschleife is a 12.86-mile race track located in Germany. It is one of the 37 race tracks in Need for Speed: Shift, and is the longest to be featured in Shift. There are also several one-way track configurations, namely Aremberg, Karussell, and Nurburg. This track is based on a real life track in Germany, the Nürburgring, with the Nordschleife being one of the track configurations.

The Nordschleife is one of the toughest tracks to master in Shift, as it has the most number of corners of any track in the game: 37 The track is featured in several events, including a 20-lap Time Eliminator. There are 3 Minor Badges involved with this track.



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Track Guide Nordschleife

Track Guide Nordschleife

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