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Nova-T is a fictional performance parts manufacturer featured in Need for Speed: World.

Their produced parts provide a statistically better handling performance boost depending on the installed component and are highlighted with a red tint.

All of Nova-Ts' parts are of Street level rarity meaning that they are readily available to all users and are amongst the lowest category available for improving vehicle performance. They provide each of their parts in either Improved, Sport or Tuned quality.

Parts produced by Nova-T are best suited for high-performance inline engines as well as naturally aspired vehicles capable of a high maximum output of horsepower as well as torque. Handling components are best suited for rear-wheel drive vehicles. All components provide a reduction in overall vehicle mass alongside increasing overall performance.


Drop System

These parts can be acquired from the Lucky Draw available upon the completion of any event.


All of their parts are available for Cash within the Performance Shop section of the Safehouse.




Engines produced by Nova-T increase the horsepower and torque produced by inline engines across the entire rev range. They also decrease the weight of a vehicle's front section.

Forced Induction


Forced Induction kits produced by Nova-T increases low rev range produced torque and allows for increased low-end power for high-end horsepower as well as high-revving engine vehicles.



Transmissions produced by Nova-T are lightweight and extremely rigid. They feature a balanced gear ratio to content with consistently high amounts of torque and horsepower produced across the rev range.



Suspension components produced by Nova-T stiffen the chassis of the vehicle to allow for a better turn-in capability at the expense of an increased possibility of oversteer and are best suited for rear-wheel drive vehicles.



Brake kits produced by Nova-T provide effective stopping power for any type of vehicle but are best suited for track cars. Each kit is configured with a slight rear-wheel braking bias resulting in a greater chance of oversteer and rear-wheel lock up.



Tyres produced by Nova-T can provide a great deal of grip and traction for track as well as rear-wheel drive vehicles. They can produce controllable oversteer for some vehicles for track and rear-wheel drive cars.

Performance Rating

Part Improved Sport Tuned Custom
Top Speed Acceleration Handling Price Top Speed Acceleration Handling Price Top Speed Acceleration Handling Price Top Speed Acceleration Handling Price
Engine  2%  1%  0% Dollar icon.png13,280  3%  2%  0% Dollar icon.png20,000  4%  3%  0% Dollar icon.png32,000             None Released
ForcedInduction  0%  1%  0% Dollar icon.png4,800  1%  2%  0% Dollar icon.png4,800  2%  3%  0% Dollar icon.png9,600             None Released
Transmission  1%  0%  1% Dollar icon.png8,000  2%  1%  2% Dollar icon.png12,000  3%  2%  3% Dollar icon.png16,000             None Released
Suspension  0%  1%  3% Dollar icon.png9,280  1%  2%  4% Dollar icon.png14,080  2%  3%  4% Dollar icon.png18,720             None Released
Brakes  0%  0%  3% Dollar icon.png7,520  0%  0%  4% Dollar icon.png11,200  0%  0%  4% Dollar icon.png14,880             None Released
Tyres  0%  0%  3% Dollar icon.png5,760  1%  1%  4% Dollar icon.png8,640  2%  2%  4% Dollar icon.png11,520             None Released