Opel is a German automobile manufacturer, that is owned by General Motors. Before the 1970's, Opel was a popular luxury and sports cars producer. After that time, the company was more known for family cars. During the 1990's, Opel gained bad reputation, because of quality issues.

Opel has slowly rebuilt its reputation after nearing bankruptcy. Shortly, once the company was restored, Opel kept its place as being one of the largest car makers in Europe.


Infobox 2017White Car NFSRPerformancePartsIcon Infobox 2017White Calendar Infobox 2017White Engine Infobox 2017White BHP Infobox 2017White Torque Infobox 2017White Acceleration Infobox 2017White TopSpeed Infobox 2017White Gearbox Infobox 2017White Layout Infobox 2017White Mass
Adam Rocks S NFSMW2012CarIcon 2012 - present 1.4L I4 99 bhp 96 lb⋅ft 8.5 secs. 130 mph 6-speed FF 1135 kg
Corsa 1.8 SRi NFSMW2012CarIcon 2003 - 2006 1.8L I4 123 bhp 122 lb⋅ft 8.0 secs. 138 mph 6-speed FF 1160 kg
Speedster NFSMW2012CarIcon 2000 - 2005 2.2L I4 145 bhp 150 lb⋅ft 5.7 secs. 137 mph 5-speed MR 871 kg
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