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Palm City is a fictional Florida city that is the open world setting of Need for Speed: Heat.

The name of the city, and surrounding location, was revealed as the setting for Need for Speed: Heat on August 14, 2019, with an in-depth article being published to the official Need for Speed website on October 11, 2019.[1]

The open world location is a fictional representation of south-east United States, with inspiration coming from two states in particular; Florida and Georgia, and can be explored during either during the day or at night. Inspirational ques for the setting include Miami, St. Petersburg, Key West, Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains, the Everglades, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, PortMiami, and the Columbus Quarry.

A dynamic weather system can change the driving conditions from dry to wet through differing amounts of rain, as well as fog and mist.


Bayview Park

NFSHE Districts BayviewPark.jpg

Bayview Park can be found in north-east Palm City. It is a smaller scale business district made up of various office complexes, condominiums, and apartment complexes.

Blackwood Heights

NFSHE Districts BlackwoodHeights.jpg

Blackwood Heights can be found in central Palm City.

Cape Castille

NFSHE Districts CapeCastille.jpg

Cape Castille can be found in south Palm City. It is an airbase built and dedicated to the construction of space launch operations, including a rocket constructing complex and various launch sites. One launch site, Hawking Spaceport, has an active rocket.


NFSHE Districts Cloudbank.jpg

Cloudbank can be found in north Palm City. It is one of the highest points in Palm City and is home to a vast radio astronomy observatory, Cloudbank Radars, at its peak. Big Ridge Road passes through the observatory.

Downtown Palm City

NFSHE Districts DowntownPalmCity.jpg

Downtown Palm City can be found in central-east Palm City. It is the central business district of Palm City and is made up of various skyscrapers, high-rise hotels, and a monorail transport system.

Eden Shores

NFSHE Districts EdenShores.jpg

Eden Shores can be found in north-east Palm City. It is a coastal resort district made of up hotels, bars, restaurants, and tourist attractions along a pristine white sand beach.

Edgewood Valley

NFSHE Districts EdgewoodValley.jpg

Edgewood Valley can be found in central Palm City. Some of its notable features include a large abandoned shopping mall, a large parking garage, and an old dirt raceway.

Fairview Fields

NFSHE Districts FairviewFields.jpg

Fairview Fields can be found in southern Palm City. It is made up of various farms as well as multiple crop fields growing produce such as corn and wheat.

Fort Callahan

NFSHE Districts FortCallahan.jpg

Fort Callahan can be found in west Palm City. It has a country town made up of small businesses, motels, and a church. Near the town is the abandoned Fort Callahan Prison.

Frontera Hills

NFSHE Districts FronteraHills.jpg

Frontera Hills can be found in west Palm City.

Grenada Wetlands

NFSHE Districts GrenadaWetlands.jpg

Grenada Wetlands can be found in south-east Palm City.

Mendoza Keys

NFSHE Districts MendozaKeys.jpg

Mendoza Keys can be found in south-east Palm City. It is made up of various coral cays connected by multiple bridges spanning across the coast.

Palm City Raceway

NFSHE Districts PalmCityRaceway.jpg

The Palm City Speedway can be found in central-east Palm City. It is a tri-oval race track built for stock car racing and an inner dirt track for off-road racing.

Port Murphy

NFSHE Districts PortMurphy.jpg

Port Murphy can be found in south-west Palm City. It is a dockyard made up of warehouses, silos, shipping districts, container yards, and dockyards. Manticore container port is a hotspot for drifting.


NFSHE Districts Rockville.jpg

Rockville can be found in north-west Palm City. It has a large limestone quarry

Sandino Ranches

NFSHE Districts SandinoRanches.jpg

Sandino Ranches can be found in central-south Palm City.

Sandpiper Forest

NFSHE Districts SandpiperForest.jpg

Sandpiper Forest can be found in north Palm City. A forest fire is active in the northern portion of the forest.


NFSHE Districts Westside.jpg

Westside can be found in north-east Palm City. North of Westside has Clef Water Treatment Plant, which is popular for drifting.

Palm City Police Department

The Palm City Police Department will engage in pursuit of illegal street racers, with a rogue task force lead by Lt. Mercer leading the police's efforts to stop street racing.

The PCPD has patrol and interceptor units on the streets, and a aerial helicopter unit fitted with an extremely luminous searchlight.



Garages can be found across Palm City and can be purchased with Bank. Each garage offers more opportunities to escape the police at night and be rewarded earned rep.


Safehouses found across Palm City can be used to escape the PCPD during the night.


Cars can be purchased from the dealership near the Palm City Raceway.

Gas Stations

Gas Stations can be driven through to fix any car damage and replenish nitrous shots, but can only be used three times during a single pursuit.


Various activities can be found and participated in across Palm City. They have multiple targets that the player can beat to earn rewards.


NFSHE Activity Jump.png

A Jump activity has a set distance target that the player can beat for a reward.

Speed Trap

NFSHE Activity SpeedTrap.png

A Speed Trap activity has a set speed target that the player can beat for a reward.

Drift Zone

NFSHE Activity Drift.png

A Drift Zone activity has a set drift target score that the player must beat to earn a reward.


Collectables can be found hidden across Palm City.


NFSHE Collectable Billboard.png

Billboards found across Palm City can be smashed through for a reward.


NFSHE Collectable Flamingo.png

Flamingos hidden across Palm City can be collected for a reward.

Street Art

NFSHE Collectable Streetart.png

Street Art found across Palm City can be collected and unlocked as a decal that can applied to the player's car.



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