Palm Harbor Rally is the first Job event in Need for Speed: Undercover. This event sees the introduction of Hector Maio, Zack Maio and Carmen Mendez as this is their first appearance. It becomes available to the player upon completing the first four races in the game, with Chase informing them about the big race and telling them to "do the show".

The Job takes part along Franklin Avenue at 7:30 AM. The player must race against seven rival drivers and win the race.

Zack will attempt to attack the player after the race as he is angry about losing to them. His brother Hector stops him before turning towards the player to congratulate them and hands them an assortment of pink slips for their rivals' cars.

Chase Linh then tells the player that Hector has a small band of car thieves in the area. The player is given a choice to pick one of the rivals' cars;

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