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Palmont Police Department (PPD) is a police force featured in Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: World.

The Palmont Police Department will do anything and everything it can to prevent illegal street racing in Palmont City. They have a variety of police vehicles such as the Police Civic Cruiser and the Heavy SUV. Police units are seen commonly throughout every part of Palmont and are easy to take out compared to other traffic vehicles.

Their first appearance in the game is when Neville and the player are racing during the game's opening. A police cruiser spots them as they turn onto the freeway and call in for a pursuit. More units arrive, but the two racers eventually escape.

They do not use Police Helicopters in pursuits.

Notable Officers

  • Cross - A former Sergeant of the Rockport Police Department that has arrived in Palmont City as a Bounty Hunter. He drives a Chevrolet Corvette Z06.


Need for Speed: Carbon

Image Model Mass Bounty Engagement
Civic Cruiser Very Light $250 Conditions 1 & 6
Undercover Civic Cruiser Very Light $500 Condition 2
State Cruiser Light $2,500 Condition 3
State Undercover Cruiser Light $5,000 Conditions 4 & 8
Federal Cruiser Moderate $20,000 Condition 5
Federal Undercover Cruiser Moderate $25,000 Conditions 7 & 8
Corvette C6 (Cross) Moderate $100,000 Condition 5
Rhino SUV Unit (Light) Heavy $15,000 Conditions 3 & 8
Rhino SUV Unit (Heavy) Very Heavy $25,000 Conditions 4, 5, 7 & 8
Rhino SUV Unit (Supercharged) Very Heavy $25,000 Conditions 7 & 8
Air Support Unit Busted Cutscenes only

Need for Speed: World


  • Cross could likely appear in Heat Level 5 pursuits in his Most Wanted C6 despite not being intended to do so.[1]
  • A police officer may consult dispatch about a street racer named Clarence Callahan as Need for Speed: Carbon uses a large number of audio assets previously utilised in Need for Speed: Most Wanted.


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