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Photo Mode is an option featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010). The player using this feature will be able to take a picture of the current car they are driving while in Free Drive. It can be accessed through the Pause Menu as the second selection. Photos can be accessed via the Main Menu.

How it works

Players can move their camera up, down, and sideways. They can also rotate their camera, so their car could be sideways on the screen or even upside down. With the triggers, they can move up or down. There are special effects such as Brightness, Contrast, Depth of Field, World of Color, Focal Length, and the ability to show damage or not. When taken, the picture will be called a "Dreamshot" and will be uploaded to Auto Log.

How to access Photo Mode quickly

If the player doesn't have enough time to make their picture look pretty, here's how they can get a quick photo of their car. Photo Mode can also be accessed by clicking the right thumbstick. This will automatically take a picture of the car and will be sent to Auto Log. The player will have to choose where their camera is, thus will be harder, since the car is in motion. They cannot choose how the picture's effects will look.

Viewing Photos

Photos can be viewed via the Main Menu when selected by the Photos option, as mentioned above. Here, players can look at their photos, post them onto their wall, or delete them. In the PC version, the photos are found in the C:\Users\(Username)\My Pictures\Criterion Games\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit.

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