The Undercover State Cruiser is a disguised patrol car utilised by the Rockport Police Department and Palmont Police Department. The police unit is based on the Pontiac GTO (2005).

There are two models of the State Cruiser; the undercover model fitted with a full police package as well as a black body colour and the standard model.

The Undercover State Cruiser is the main unmarked unit for all state police departments and appears at Heat Level 4 of a police pursuit. The unit is light but resilient resulting in a persistent means of pursuit against high durability vehicles. The power mixed with torque produced by the engine can become too excessive at low speeds and result in very little grip.

Officers driving Undercover State Cruiser units are trained in the following advanced driving techniques: Box, Herd, PIT, Roadblock, Rolling Roadblocks and Spike Strips. An excessively damaged or disabled unit adds a $5,000 Bounty to the rap sheet of the suspect.

The Police Super State Cruiser takes on the role of the Undercover State Cruiser in Need for Speed: Undercover except for the Nintendo DS release which is replaced by the BMW M3 E92 State Cruiser. It is replaced by the Police State Tactical Cruiser in the Need for Speed: World.

The Dodge Charger SRT-8 (2005) takes on the role in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012).


  • The Police Undercover State Cruiser appears as a pursuit vehicle at Heat Level 4 in early beta builds of Need for Speed: World, but isn't featured as a pursuit vehicle in the released build.


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